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vArmour Application Controller Trial Data Sheet

Learn how our product trial can give you complete visibility and control across your public and private clouds, with install times taking less than an hour.

A CISO’s Guide to Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid clouds are an integral component of most businesses, yet CISOs face major challenges achieving consistent security and compliance across environments. This guide explores the top challenges in securing hybrid cloud, and outlines a modern approach for CISOs to overcome them.

vArmour Application Controller Data Sheet

vArmour Application Controller helps security teams effectively manage application security policies across hybrid-cloud environments by auto-discovering applications, computing intent-based security policies, and protecting applications with consistent enforcement across platforms.

vArmour Container Security Solution Brief

Read how vArmour's agentless security solution developed for containers helps achieve automated security by integrating with applications intent and workflows.

GDPR Compliance with vArmour

Find out how vArmour’s Distributed Security System makes it easy for organizations to achieve GDPR control requirements related to data access and movement, policy development and deployment, and workload level microsegmentation.

Intel Brief: vArmour* Boosts Network Security with Microsegmentation

Read how vArmour leverages Intel's x86 architecture to deliver a consistent experience across virtual and physical workloads.

ESG Lab Report

ESG validates the vArmour DSS with a focus on its ability to simplify and efficiently protect applications and workloads from intrusion, scale quickly and easily, automate the addition of new assets, and its overall ease of use.

NINS Case Study [Japanese Language]

"High performance,high throughput and direct connection to the virtual switch make it possible to visualize and control very detailed traffic and also to centrally manage the security status of all servers from one place." - CTO NINS

SWIFT Attacks are Evolving

In recent years, reports of cyber attacks and fraud utilizing or compromising SWIFT applications have increased significantly. In 2016, the Bangladesh Central Bank and the New York Federal Reserve were involved in a cyber heist that netted $101 million - most of which has not been recovered.

Application-Aware Microsegmentation on Cisco ACI

The best enterprise infrastructures today are Agile - this means that they are programmable and automated, with full insight and visibility into every layer of the environment to ensure that the infrastructure stays dynamic and compliant.

Network World Product Review

Read the full Network World review of vArmour DSS Distributed Security System.

vArmour DSS on HPE Hyper Converged 380

Read this reference architecture document to understand the basic principles of vArmour DSS on VMware® ESXi installed on an HPE Hyper Converged 380 platform. The document establishes the physical and logical network topologies required to interoperate vArmour DSS, ESXi, and the HPE Hyper Converged 380. The document also delivers a series of Reference Configurations for small, medium and large clusters.

Executive Guide to Distributed Security in the Multi-Cloud World

This guide will help executives understand new security challenges in the modern data center and introduce a new approach to solve them - a distributed security system designed specifically for the software-driven, multi-cloud world.


This independent technical assessment by PCI QSA Coalfire evaluates the suitability of vArmour DSS for helping organizations adhere to PCI 3.2 requirements in data center and cloud environments.

DevOps, DevSecOps, and vArmour

DevOps has become a well established practice for application development, introducing new workflow and infrastructure changes to the development process that traditional security solutions often slow down. Enter DevSecOps. Learn how vArmour can help DevOps build security into all stages of application design and deployment

eBook: How to Overcome the 4 Pitfalls of Secure Microsegmentation

Get a detailed look at the benefits of secure microsegmentation, and how to avoid the technical challenges that many organizations run into when chaining together software-defined networking solutions with next-generation firewalls.

eBook: 5 Ways Secure Microsegmentation Saves You Money

Keep your CISO and CFO happy with 5 ways that secure microsegmentation can save you money, while improving security inside your virtualized data center and cloud.

ESG Report: The Evolution of Cloud Security

Enterprises are no longer simply experimenting with cloud computing - they’re adopting heterogeneous cloud infrastructure faster than ever before and facing a new set of security challenges along the way. In this report, Enterprise Strategy Group analyzes survey results from 303 IT and security professionals on their cloud security challenges, tactics and strategies.

vArmour and HPE ArcSight ESM Joint Solution Brief

Together, HPE Security ArcSight ESM and vArmour Distributed Security System extend the value of the Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide monitoring of application traffic and advanced analytics and alerts to detect, investigate, and mitigate threats and control security policies across the data center and cloud with microsegmentation.

Cisco ACI and vArmour Joint Security Architecture Solution Overview

Learn how vArmour DSS and Cisco ACI build application-aware microsegmentation with advanced security analytics into virtual and cloud environments for granular visibility, control, and threat detection.

Pathway to Security in the Multi-Cloud World

Organizations are on a journey to transform their data centers into dynamic multi-clouds that demand a new security architecture. Read whitepaper to learn about the Multi-Cloud Security Architecture - and the pathway to get there.

Strategic Security Architectures for Cloud Data Centers

Digital enterprises require new technologies, including underlying “infrastructure.” Read 451 Research paper on the security aspects of infrastructure, where it is clear that old models no longer work and new, cloud-scale software architectures offer powerful mechanisms for modern IT security.

Cloud-Scale Security with Distributed Systems

In a world where perimeters have largely disappeared, organizations must embrace security models designed for cloud: distributed systems. Read this technical white paper to learn how distributed systems offer a superior architecture over traditional perimeter and host-based models.

Microsegmentation for Cloud-Scale Security

Organizations are in search of ways to more efficiently use IT resources to securely enable innovation and minimize cost. Microsegmentation is a data center security technology that supports this need in cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Read this white paper to learn how vArmour provides a unique microsegmentation solution.

vArmour Enterprise Case Study

Fortune 100 Global Retailer uses vArmour to gain immediate security intelligence across their networks and better align to PCI compliance mandates through internal segmentation.